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8BIT 16K FLASH MCU, DIP28, 168
Flash Memory Size:16KB
EEPROM Memory Size:512Byte
RAM Memory Size:1KB
no. of I/O Lines:35
no. of ADC Inputs:6
no. of Timers:3
no. of PWM Channels:6
Clock Frequency:10MHz
Interface Type: I2C, SPI, USART
Min Supply Voltage:1.8V
Max Supply Voltage:5.5V
Termination Type:Through Hole
Case Style: DIP
no. of Pins:28
Operating Temperature Range:-40`C to +85`C
Max Operating Temperature:85`C
Min Temperature Operating:-40`C
Base Number:168
IC Generic Number:168
Logic Function Number:168
Memory Size:16K
Memory Type:FLASH
Microprocessor/Controller Features:High Performance, Low Power AVR^ 8-Bit Microcontroller, Advanced RISC Architecture, 4/8/16K Bytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash, Optional Boot Code Section with Independent Lock Bits, 256/512/512 Bytes EEPROM, 512/1K/1K Byte Internal SRAM
no. bits:8
no. of External Interruptions:26
RAM Size:1024Byte
Digital IC Case Style:DIP

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