We provide a full range of services for the production of electronic devices, which includes the development of technical requirements, circuitry, PCB prototypes, software for microcontrollers, testing, launching mass production and certification of finished products. The use of the Agile methodology makes us a unique company in the Ukrainian market and allows us to be an extremely effective contractor, and our vast experience in project work - to provide comprehensive advice that protects our clients from typical mistakes in production.

Types of services:

  • Development of circuitry and simulation models (R&D), embedded software and printed circuit boards for demonstration copies and mass production of the product.

  • Batch production of printed circuit boards, manual and robotic assembly of components for demo and series production, soldering quality testing and finished product performance.

  • Development of project documentation for further certification for compliance with the requirements of quality and compatibility standards such as "electromagnetic compatibility".

    Department contacts:

    Phone: +380 (67) 311 79 78

    Email: [email protected]

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