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K157UD1 microcircuits are a medium power operational amplifier with an output current of up to 0.3 A without internal correction.
It has output current peak limiters that prevent amplifier failure during transients or short-term short circuits at the output.
It can also be used in power pre-amplifiers, amplifiers for stereo telephones with an operating frequency of up to 100 kHz, and in actuating devices.
Contains 44 integral elements.
Case K157UD1 type 201.9-1, weight no more than 1.5 g.
Supply voltage: ±15 V.
Consumption current: no more than 9 mA.
Specifications: bK0.348.412-01 TU.

Brand nameСНГ
Mounting typeDIP
Weight g.1.5
Factory packaging80pcs

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