Chip K157UP2A

  • Chip K157UP2A
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K157UP2A microcircuits are two-channel microphone amplifiers with two-channel recording preamplifiers.
Provide amplification of signals from 160 μV and 10 mV, supplied to the microphone input and input of the recording pre-amplifier, respectively, to the standard microphone line output level of 250 mV. High overload capacity (more than 36 dB for the microphone input and 16 dB for the recording pre-amplifier input) allows the IC to be used in low-frequency paths with automatic gain control (AGC).
The difference between IS K157UP1 and K157UP2 is that the first requires the use of AGC control elements with a positive controlled voltage, and the second - with a negative one.
Contain 63 integral elements.

Brand nameСНГ
Type of shellDIP14
Mounting typeDIP
Weight g.1
Factory packaging100 pieces.

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