LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD indicator with keyboard

  • LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD indicator with keyboard
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The LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD module is an LCD1602 liquid crystal display with built-in 6 buttons. Display data transmission is carried out in 4-bit mode. The module has 6 buttons: 5 control buttons and 1 button, which is responsible for the RESET functions. The LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD module can be used to visualize the device menu with the ability to move through the menu items. Also, using the module, you can implement the game "Tetris".

The LCD display is designed based on the standard HD44780 driver. The display contrast is adjusted with a potentiometer.

The module is connected to the Arduino Uno board by surface mounting. When connecting, you must carefully align the display board with the Arduino platform. After connecting the LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD board, remember that some ports of the microcontroller device are used to control the module. The board contains free blocks (5V, GND, IN) and analog outputs A1 - A5. The board also has a bus for connecting devices via the ICSP interface.

The LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD module has the following pins on the board:

GND: ground
VCC: module power
VIN: unregulated voltage supply
RS: tells the controller to display data
R/W: displays or reads data from the display
Enable: indicates that data is ready to be read
A0: button output
A1 - A2 free analog input
D4 - D10: digital pins to which the display is connected
D0 - D3 and D11 - D14: free digital pins
LCD: backlight off

Power is connected to the module from the Arduino platform, other microcontroller devices or an external power source. The supply voltage of the LCD1602 Keypad SHIELD module is 5 V. The presence of power is signaled by the PWR LED, which is connected to the power buses.

To work with this module in the Arduino IDE development environment, you can use the standard Liquid Crystal library.

Module Specifications:

Supply voltage, V 4.7 ... 5.5
Chip HD44780
Screen backlight color blue
Character color white
Module dimensions, mm 80 x 60 x 20.

Device typeОтображение информации
Brand nameCHINA
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