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Transistor Type: MOSFET
Max Current Id:4A
Max Voltage Vds:30V
On State Resistance:0.066ohm
Rds Measurement Voltage:4.5V
Max Voltage Vgs:12V
Power Dissipation:1W
Transistor Case Style:TSMT3
Case Style:TSMT3
Cont Current Id:4A
Fall Time Tf:19ns
Max Voltage Vgs th:1.5V
Min Voltage Vgs th:0.5V
Pin Configuration:1(G),2(S),3(D)
Power Dissipation Pd:1W
Pulse Current Idm:16A
Rise Time:18ns
Termination Type:SMD
Transistor Polarity:N
Type Capacitance Ciss:475pF
Type Voltage Vds:30V
Type Voltage Vgs th:1.5V
Voltage Vgs Rds on Measurement:2.5V

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