Thyristor KU228B

  • Thyristor KU228B
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Silicon thyristors KU228B, diffusion-alloy, triode, non-lockable.

Designed for use as switching elements.

Hull type: KT-28 (TO-220).

Specifications: aA0.336.644 TU.

The main technical parameters of the thyristor KU228B:

• Repetitive impulse voltage: 100 V;

• Repetitive impulse voltage in the closed state: 100 V;

• Maximum repetitive pulse current in the open state: 30 A;

• Average pulse current in the open state: 10 A;

• Repetitive pulse current in the closed state: no more than 2 mA;

• Voltage slew rate in closed state: 20 V/µs;

• Turn-on time: no more than 2 microseconds;

• Turn-off time: no more than 40 µs

Type of shellTO-220
Urev. max, V100V
Ipr. max.10A
Brand nameСНГ
Mounting typeDIP
Weight g.2.5
Factory packaging100 pieces.

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