Transistor KT812V

  • Transistor KT812V
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The main technical characteristics of the transistor KT812V:
• Transistor structure: npn;
• Рк t max - Constant power dissipation of the collector with a heat sink: 50 W;
• fgr - Limiting frequency of the current transfer coefficient of the transistor for a circuit with a common emitter: not less than 3 MHz;
• Uкer max - Maximum collector-emitter voltage at a given collector current and a given resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 200 V (0.1 kOhm);
• Uebo max - Maximum emitter-base voltage at a given emitter reverse current and collector open circuit: 7 V;
• Ik max - Maximum allowable DC collector current: 8 A;
• Ik and max - The maximum allowable collector pulse current: 12 A;
• Iкer - Collector-emitter reverse current at given collector-emitter reverse voltage and resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 5 mA (700V);
• h21e - Static current transfer coefficient of the transistor for circuits with a common emitter: more than 10;
• Rke us - Saturation resistance between collector and emitter: no more than 0.3 Ohm.

Brand nameСНГ
Transistor typeБиполярный
Transistor case typekt-9
Mounting typeDIP
Weight g.16
Factory packaging20шт.
Collector-emitter voltage200В
Collector current
Current gain10

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