Low frequency amplifier on TDA2030A

  • Low frequency amplifier on TDA2030A
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The TDA2030A low frequency amplifier module is designed to provide high quality medium power audio output. This amplifier can be used to build a subwoofer or to repair audio equipment.

The amplifier module board is designed based on the TDA2030A chip from ST Microelectronics. The TDA2030A chip has 5 pins and is made in a Pentawatt package. The microcircuit is designed to amplify the sound signals of Hi-Fi systems with a power of up to 18 watts. The peak value of the output current is 3.5 A. In this module, the microcircuit is used as a ULF (low frequency amplifier) class AB. The microcircuit has a low coefficient of non-linear distortion, so the amplifier can reproduce good sound. Also, the microcircuit has built-in thermal protection (turns off at 145 ° C) and protection against short circuit (short circuit). For heat transfer, a heat sink is attached to the microcircuit case. If necessary, it can be easily replaced with another radiator. The module board has a trimming resistor with which you can adjust the volume level.

To connect external devices to the amplifier module, pin connectors are used, and to output a signal, the speaker must be connected to the terminal block (the polarity of the terminal block is displayed on the board):

VCC: 6 to 12V power supply
GND: common wire ("ground")
IN: audio signal input
OUT: audio signal output
Power is supplied from an external power source. The operating supply voltage range is from 6 to 12 V. The presence of board power is signaled by the POWER LED, which is connected to the power bus of the amplifier.
Amplifier Specifications:

Chip TDA2030A
Operating voltage, V 6 ... 12
Channels 1
Maximum power, W 18
Peak output current, A 3.5
Current consumption in rest mode, mA 50
Module dimensions, mm 32 x 23.

Brand nameCHINA
Weight g.10
Factory packaging1 PC.

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