Power connector 5.5/2.1mm socket with screw terminal block

  • Power connector 5.5/2.1mm socket with screw terminal block
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The 5.5/2.1mm power socket with a screw terminal block is a connector designed for switching low-voltage power lines. Primary Applications: Power switching for CCTV and DVR cables, but can be successfully used in any equipment that uses a 5.5/2.1mm jack. Also, a 5.5 /2.1mm power connector with a terminal block will be useful for radio amateurs when designing various electronic devices.
The mounting pins of the 5.5 /2.1mm power connectors are made under the terminal block, which ensures reliable contact and quick installation. The power plug with terminal block does not require special tools or a soldering iron for installation. Selected pairs of electrical cable or twisted pair are fixed in the allotted slots with screw fastening and clamped with a conventional screwdriver. The terminal block will securely fix the conductor and provide excellent contact. For polarity matching, "+" and "-" poles are displayed on each terminal.

Connector typeПитания DC
Mechanical installationНа провод
Number of contacts2
Plug or socketРозетка
Brand nameCHINA
Weight g.7.5
Factory packaging500шт.
Mounting typeDIP

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