300RGB5050-12, smd 5050 RGB LED strip, 5 meters

  • 300RGB5050-12, smd 5050 RGB LED strip, 5 meters
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SMD 5050 LED strip has 60 LEDs per meter and white backing. Moisture protection - absent. The LED strip is powered by a voltage of 12 volts (direct current). One meter of tape consumes 14.4 watts.
To ensure good heat dissipation, it is recommended to install the tape on a metal profile or surfaces with good thermal conductivity. This allows you to provide the declared service life and reduce the intensity of reducing the brightness of the LEDs.

Moisture protectionIP20
Power W / M14,4
Brand nameMTK
LED type5050
Weight g.80
LEDs per meter60
Factory packaging1шт.

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