AMS1117-5.0 linear buck low drop voltage regulator buck step down DC-DC

  • AMS1117-5.0 linear buck low drop voltage regulator buck step down DC-DC
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AMS1117-5 miniature DC buck converter. Features of linear converters are: low cost, small size and no output voltage ripple. The module has pin connectors, which allows you to use the converter in projects based on the Arduino platform. Also, the voltage converter can be used as a power supply for analog devices, portable devices, charging batteries, etc.

The converter board is designed based on the AMS1117 linear voltage regulator and auxiliary components, which ensure the correct operation of the module. The AMS1117 chip has 3 outputs and is made in the SOT-223 package. The maximum output current of the stabilizer is 800 mA.

The power supply and load are connected using 4 pin connectors:

VIN+: input voltage 6.5 - 12 V
output voltage 5 V
VOUT-: device common wire

Supply voltage can be supplied from an external power source. Despite the size of the module, the input voltage range of the board is from 4.6 to 12 V, and the DC output voltage is 5 V. The LED connected to the power bus signals the power supply.

Module Specifications:

Linear Voltage Regulator AMS1117
Input voltage, V 6.5 ... 12
Rated output voltage, V 5
Output voltage, V 3.234 ... 3.366
Output current, mA 800
Operating temperature, °C -40 ... +85
Module dimensions, mm 25 x 11.

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