BMS charge-discharge controller 3 Li-Ion 18650 HX-3S-FL10A 11.1V-12.6V 10A

  • BMS charge-discharge controller 3 Li-Ion 18650 HX-3S-FL10A 11.1V-12.6V 10A
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BMS (Battery Management System) is a battery management system that is designed to monitor the condition of batteries, control the process of charging / discharging batteries, etc.

Three batteries (18650) can be connected to the HX-3S-FL10A module at the same time. The features of this charge controller are: protection against short circuit (short circuit) and protection against overdischarge (overcharge). Also, a feature of the module is to turn off the power supply for the batteries when the maximum capacity of at least one battery is reached. The maximum operating current of this BMS controller is 10A, and the quiescent current reaches up to 10uA. The battery charge is turned off when the voltage reaches 4.25 - 4.35 V, and the discharge occurs when the voltage drops to 2.3 - 3.0 V.

The battery charge-discharge controller module HX-3S-FL10A has 6 outputs:

B+: battery positive
B-: battery negative
B1: middle assembly point of 1 and 2 batteries
B2: middle point of assembly of 2 and 3 batteries
P-: charge/discharge negative terminal
P+ charge/discharge positive terminal

When the maximum allowable value of the supply voltage is exceeded, the charge controller activates the "protection" mode. In order to restore the operation of the module, it is necessary to reapply voltage to the BMS board input or wait for some time until the charge controller turns off the protection automatically.

The module supply voltage range is from 11.1 to 12.6 V. For charging, you can use a boost converter with a current limiter.Please note that this module is not a charger.

Module Specifications:

Model HX-3S-FL10A
Maximum battery charge voltage, V 4.25 ... 4.35
Battery discharge voltage, V 2.3 ... 3.0
Supply voltage, V 11.1 ... 12.6
Maximum operating current, A 10
Module dimensions, mm 53 x 17 x 4.

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