DC-DC SX1308 5-28V 2A boost mini

  • DC-DC SX1308 5-28V 2A boost mini
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The SX1308 boost converter is used to change the DC output voltage. The module can be used as a stabilized power source for video cameras, LEDs, lights and other electrical devices.

The module board is designed on the basis of the SX1308 chip (according to the boost topology), a trimmer resistor and other components that ensure the correct operation of the voltage converter. The module chip is made in the "SOT23-6" package. The advantages of this voltage converter are small size, low heat generation and the ability to operate from 2 V. Due to its small size, the converter can be used in portable chargers or other small devices. The efficiency (coefficient of performance) of the converter is up to 95%. The maximum load current of the power supply must not exceed 2 A. The value of the DC output voltage is adjusted using a multi-turn trimmer with a resistance of 50 kOhm.

The terminals of the external power supply and the device are connected to the terminals of the converter using soldering. Module pin assignments:

IN+: input voltage 2 - 24 V
IN-: "ground"
OUT+: output voltage 5 - 28 V
OUT-: device common wire

Power is supplied from the power supply or other external power source. The DC input voltage range is 2 to 24V and the output voltage range is 5 to 28V. When connecting an external power supply, remember that the input voltage must be lower than the output voltage.

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