Phototransistor FT-8 gr.A

  • Phototransistor FT-8 gr.A
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Designed for use as receivers and sensors of infrared radiation as part of optoelectronic equipment, systems of photoelectric automation and non-contact temperature measurement, computer and measuring equipment.

The main technical parameters of the phototransistor FT-8:
• Photosensitive element size: diameter 0.5 mm;
• Wavelength of maximum spectral distribution of photosensitivity: 0.9...0.95 µm;
• Rated operating voltage: 5 V;
• Dark current: no more than 1 μA;
• Current photosensitivity: not less than 0.2 µA/lx.

Brand nameСНГ
Transistor typeФото
Mounting typeDIP
Weight g.0.3
Factory packaging400шт.

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