Chip K174XA10

  • Chip K174XA10
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Multifunctional microcircuit for a single-chip AM-FM receiver (AM-FM receiving path with a demodulator and a low-frequency amplifier).

Designed to amplify high-frequency signals and convert AM signals, as well as amplify IF, demodulate AM and FM signals, amplify low-frequency signals as part of a superheterodyne receiver of the 3rd complexity group (GOST 5651-82).

The microcircuit can also be used in televisions in the intermediate frequency paths of sound and ULF, as well as in transceiver radio stations.

The use of an IF amplifier as a microphone amplifier with AGC in the radio transmitter provides an optimal level of modulation regardless of the level of the audio signal.

Brand nameСНГ
Appointmentradio reception
Type of shellDIP16
Mounting typeDIP
Weight g.1.3
Factory packaging90pcs

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