Capacitor K50-24 2200mF 40V 16x56mm

  • Capacitor K50-24 2200mF 40V 16x56mm
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Capacitors K50-24 aluminum foil sealed polar capacitors with liquid electrolyte.

Designed for operation in DC, pulsating current circuits and in pulsed modes, they are used in power supply filters, in shunt decoupling circuits at low frequencies.

Capacitors are produced in cylindrical aluminum cases with a plastic cover with multidirectional leads.

Rated capacity, μF2200
Working voltage, V40
Body length L, mm56
Case diameter D, mm16
Working temperature, С-25...+70
Rated capacity tolerance,%+80% -20%
Brand nameСНГ
Pin typeГибкие выводы
Weight g.19
Factory packaging60шт.
Mounting typeDIP

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