Lithium cell charge controller with boost converter 4.3-27V

  • Lithium cell charge controller with boost converter 4.3-27V
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This module is a small single cell lithium battery charging board that also includes a 1A boost converter to power a wide variety of applications. The module can charge most types of single cell (3.7V) LiPo batteries from a 5V to 7.5V power supply or a standard 5V USB port/adapter. There is also a battery and standby indicator for visual indication. In addition to being able to charge the battery, this module also includes an adjustable boost converter that is capable of stepping up the connected battery voltage from 4.5V to 28V with a maximum supply current of 1A.

The module does not have over-discharge protection. If such protection is needed, use an additional BMS controller.

Input voltage: DC 4.5-7.5V
Output voltage: DC4.3V-28V
Output current: 2A max
Charging voltage 4.2V, charging current 1A
The default output voltage is about 9V
Discharge current - 5V 1.4A, 9V 0.8A, 12V 0.6A
Static current about 0.5 mA
Module size: Length: 33 mm, Width: 23 mm, Height: 5 mm.

Brand nameCHINA
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