XL4005 DC-DC Buck Converter 5A

  • XL4005 DC-DC Buck Converter 5A
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The XL4005 converter is designed to lower the output voltage value. The main advantages of this module are: small size of the board, does not require bulky heatsinks and has a high efficiency. The module can be used to power circuits with a large voltage drop, charge batteries, design a laboratory power supply, etc. The module is an improved analogue of the LM2596S buck converter.

The buck converter module is designed based on the XL4005E chip. The microcircuit has 5 pins and is made in the TO-263 package. The input voltage range of the microcircuit is from 5 to 32 V, and the output voltage is adjustable in the range from 0.8 to 30 V. You can adjust the output voltage using a trimmer resistor. The output current range is from 0 to 5A. When supplying the load with an operating current of more than 3.5A, it is necessary to install a heatsink. A place is provided for the installation of a cooling device on the back of the module chamber.

The module board has 4 outputs:

IN+: input voltage
IN-: common wire ("ground") of the power supply
OUT+: output voltage
OUT-: common wire ("ground") of the device

The XL4005E chip has built-in protection against overheating (activated when the temperature reaches 125 ° C) and against short circuit (short circuit).

Please note that the module does not have reverse polarity protection.

The output voltage "out of the box" is typically around 24 volts. Therefore, if you are using a low input voltage, the first time you turn it on, you may need to make a fairly large number of turns of the regulator before adjusting. For example, with an input voltage of 12 volts, the adjustment begins after 6-7 turns of the resistor counterclockwise.
Module Specifications:

Chip XL4005E
Input voltage range, V 5 ... 32
Output voltage range, V 0.8 ... 30
Output current, A 0 ... 5
Efficiency, % 90
Conversion frequency, kHz 300
Module dimensions, mm 45 x 21 x 14.

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