MP3 module with TF micro SD card and power controller

  • MP3 module with TF micro SD card and power controller
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An MP3 module with a TF micro SD card and a power controller allows you to get excellent sound quality, a 2W mono amplifier is assembled on the board, which allows you to develop power up to 3W at a supply voltage of 5V. The speaker can be connected without soldering using a screw terminal block. There is also a high quality 3.5mm gold-plated jack for connecting headphones or an external amplifier.

The module can be powered by an external power supply by connecting it via the micro USB connector, or by a 3.7 V lithium battery.

1) Support MP3 format, when playing, the red update status LED will light up.
2) USB disk 32Gb, TF card 16Gb are supported. The playback mode is TF card by default. If there is no TF card, it will automatically switch from TF card to USB disk mode, if both devices are connected, it is possible to manually select the data source for playback.
3) Module button functions: two buttons allow you to adjust the volume, switch tracks. Two more are responsible for the play /pause mode and the cycle of playing songs and selecting a data source.

If you are using USB disk mode, a 5V power supply is recommended since many of these types of drives do not support 3.7V low voltage power.


Supply voltage range: 3.7...5.5 V
Dimensions: 45 x 36 mm.

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