Radiator STAR (star) substrate for LED star aluminum

  • Radiator STAR (star) substrate for LED star aluminum
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PCB substrate "Star" for high-power LEDs is a composite material plate - an aluminum layer that helps to remove heat from the LED, an insulator layer and copper foil with contact pads.

The "star" radiator substrate is designed for mounting powerful LEDs from 1 to 5 watts and has a diameter of 20 millimeters and a thickness of 1 millimeter.

The "Star" PCB substrate is used to dissipate the generated heat from the LED, and can be used as a small heatsink.
Also, with the help of this substrate-plate, it is convenient to mount powerful LEDs on a large radiator.

If LEDs with a power of less than 0.5 W are used, then they can be installed on ordinary printed circuit boards made of textolite.
Higher power dissipations may require the use of special printed circuit boards with a metal base and a dielectric layer, with improved thermal conductivity.

LEDs with a power dissipation of 1 W or more need a board, a heatsink with an aluminum base, to ensure the recommended temperature conditions for the LED chip.

The lower side of the LED is mounted on an aluminum heatsink board, through a special heat-conducting paste (thermal paste), which ensures good thermal contact and maximum thermal conductivity of the system.
The LED leads are soldered to the contacts on the board, the heatsink.

Advantages of heatsinks with a metal base:

dissipate heat without the use of additional forced cooling fans
add mechanical rigidity to the product
reduce the effect of heat stress of all components
thanks to any configuration, they can significantly save space in the device
the use of such boards improves the reliability of devices, the time between failures.

Application of "Star" PCB substrate for high power LEDs:

degrease the surfaces of the board, heatsink and the metal surface of the LED
apply thermal paste (heat-conducting paste) to the metal surface of the LED
install the LED on the board, heatsink, pressing lightly to ensure good contact between the LED and the board
Solder the leads of the LEDs to the pins on the board.

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