SSHR32P10EG4N connector (socket)

  • SSHR32P10EG4N connector (socket)
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The SSHR32P10EG4N cylindrical low-frequency leaky connector is designed for operation in DC and AC electrical circuits with a frequency of up to 3 MHz and a voltage of up to 850 V.

Connectors consist of two parts: plugs and sockets. Plugs and sockets can be both block (instrument) and cable.

The block part of the connectors is made without spigots, the cable part with a straight or angled spigot.

The joint of the connectors is threaded, the polarization of the cases is single-key.

Covering of contacts ― silver.

Mounting method - soldering.

SShR connectors are manufactured for internal installation in UHL version in accordance with technical specifications ASLR.434410.019 TU (AShDK.434410.079 TU).

Main technical characteristics of SSHR32P10EG4N:

― Resistance of contacts..... no more than 1,3 mOhm

― Resistance of isolation..... not less than 5000 MΩ

― The maximum current loading on single contact..... 35 And

― Number of joints-dismemberments ..... 500

― Interval of working temperatures..... from-60 to +70 °C

― The minimum operating time..... 1000 hours

Connector typeШР
Mechanical installationНа провод
Number of contacts10
Plug or socketРозетка
Brand nameСНГ
Weight g.120
Factory packaging20шт.
Mounting typeDIP

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