Stereo audio amplifier 2x3W D-class based on PAM8403 with volume control

  • Stereo audio amplifier 2x3W D-class based on PAM8403 with volume control
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The Class D low voltage audio amplifier is designed to amplify the device's audio signals. The module can be used in a portable audio system, laptops, small car speakers, etc. This module is well suited for replacing failed analog amplifiers in portable audio devices.

The amplifier is based on the PAM8403 chip from Power Analog Microelectronics. The module is a class D amplifier. It also has low heat dissipation and small size. The output power is up to 3W per channel. At this power, 10% of non-linear distortion is present. The amplifier has low noise and high efficiency, which allows it to be connected to small devices. The microcircuit has a trimming resistor with which you can adjust the sound level of the device.

The amplifier board has 9 pins:

L: left channel of the connected device
G: "ground"
R: right channel of the connected device
POWER: amplifier power supply voltage 2.5 - 5 V
ROUT: right channel
LOUT: left channel

The polarity of connecting channels and power supply is displayed on the amplifier board.

Power is supplied to the amplifier from an external power supply. The power supply voltage range of the audio amplifier is from 2.5 to 5 V.

The amplifier does not have reverse polarity protection!!!

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