LED indicator ALS340A1

  • LED indicator ALS340A1
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Sign-synthesizing indicators, based on gallium phosphide-arsenide compound, epitaxial-diffusion.
Designed for visual indication.
The indicators have 35 elements (7 rows of 5 elements per row) and a left decimal point that emit light when exposed to direct current.
Various combinations of elements, provided by external switching, allow you to reproduce the numbers from 0 to 9 and the decimal point; as well as letters of the Russian and Latin alphabets and other symbols.
• Color of radiation (glow): red;
• Character height: 9 mm;
• Luminous intensity of one segment: 0.125 mcd;
• Constant forward voltage: no more than 2.5 V at 10 mA;
• Maximum pulse current: 200 mA;
• Maximum allowable DC reverse voltage: 4V.

Brand nameСНГ
Weight g.1.6
Factory packaging20pcs
Mounting typeDIP

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