Voltmeter digital 0-100V DC (RED) three wires

  • Voltmeter digital 0-100V DC (RED) three wires
  • Voltmeter digital 0-100V DC (RED) three wires
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The digital voltmeter is designed to measure the voltage of an electrical circuit. A feature of the module is the small size of its indication. This digital voltmeter can be used in the power supply, on-board computer of the car and other devices that need visualization of voltage values. It can also be used to control the voltage of chargers.

The current voltage value is displayed on a seven-segment display. The measured voltage range is from 0 to 100 V. The measurement error of the device is ±1%.

When measuring power supply voltage up to 30 V, it can be connected directly to the measured circuit. If the voltage of the measured source is higher than 30 V, then an external power supply with a voltage of 4 to 30 V must be used to power the device.

The meter has 3 wires:

Red wire: 4 - 30 V digital voltmeter power supply
Black wire: "ground"
Yellow wire: external power supply voltage measurement 0 - 100 V

The digital voltmeter is already calibrated. Additional calibration of the digital voltmeter is carried out using a trimmer resistor, which is located on the reverse side of the board.

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