XL4016E1+R DC-DC buck converter with regulator Uin 4-40V, Uout 1.25-36V, 8A, 180KHz

  • XL4016E1+R DC-DC buck converter with regulator Uin 4-40V, Uout 1.25-36V, 8A, 180KHz
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This module is a DC voltage buck converter. The task of the module is to convert the input voltage to the required value of the output voltage. The converter can be used as: a power supply, a power supply for high-power LEDs, etc. This module is an improved version of the XL4016E1 converter. Main feature: the presence of a built-in module switch in the potentiometer.

The converter is designed based on the XL4016 chip. The chip is mounted on a heatsink and isolated for user safety. The microcircuit has protection against short circuit and overheating. When the overheating protection is triggered, the module automatically cuts off the input voltage. The efficiency of the converter is 93%. The maximum output power of the voltage converter is 100 W, and the conversion frequency is 180 kHz. Changing the DC output voltage is carried out using a variable resistor, on the handle of which a cap is installed for convenient parameter adjustment.

There are 2 terminal blocks (4 pins) for connecting an external power source and a device:

IN+: input supply voltage 4 - 40 V
IN-: "ground"
OUT+: output supply voltage 1.25 - 36 V
OUT-: "ground"

The maximum output current of the module is 8 A. The installed heatsink can be replaced with a more powerful one.

Power is supplied to the converter from an external power source. The input supply voltage range is from 4 to 40 V, and the output voltage range is from 1.25 to 36 V.

Converter Specifications:

Chip XL4016
Input voltage, V 4 ... 40
Output voltage, V 1.25 ... 36
Maximum load current, A 8
Switching frequency, kHz 180
Maximum output power, W 100
Efficiency, % 93
Operating temperature, °C -40 ... 125
Module dimensions, mm 61 x 41 x 28

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