YL-107 NE555 - square wave generator with adjustable frequency and duty cycle

  • YL-107 NE555 - square wave generator with adjustable frequency and duty cycle
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The module can be used as a pulse generator for a stepper motor, for equipment testing, etc.

The module board is designed based on the NE555 timer. The NE555 chip has 8 pins and is made in the "SO-8" package. The current consumption of the chip without load is up to 20 mA. The operating frequency range is from 1Hz to 200KHz. The output pulse frequency range can be changed using jumpers:

Jumper 1 (L): 1 Hz to 50 Hz
Jumper 2: 50 Hz to 1 kHz
Jumper 3: 1 kHz to 10 kHz
Jumper 4 (H): 10 kHz to 200 kHz

If you need a more precise setting of the parameters, you need to use a tuning resistor. The pulse frequency is set using the potentiometer R1, and the duty cycle of the signal is set using the variable resistor R2. When changing the range, turn off the power to the module.

The module is connected to devices using 3 pins:

VCC: 5 to 15V supply voltage
GND: ground
OUT: control signal

Power can be supplied from an external power source, the Arduino platform, or any other microcontroller device. The presence of power is signaled by an LED that is connected to the power bus. The module supply voltage range is from 5 to 15 V.

Module Specifications:

Chip NE555
Supply voltage, V 5 ... 15
Operating frequency range, kHz 0.001 ... 200
Current consumption without load, mA 20
Operating temperature, °C 0 ... +70
Module dimensions, mm 23 x 31

Brand nameCHINA
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Factory packaging100шт.

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