SILICONE GREASE PMS-5, super liquid (10ml, with spout)

  • SILICONE GREASE PMS-5, super liquid (10ml, with spout)
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SILICONE GREASE PMS-5 - due to their chemical structure, silicone fluids have special properties that distinguish these products from other organic materials such as mineral oils.
PMS-5 (Polymethylsiloxane liquid with a viscosity of 5 Cst) is intended for lubrication of lightly loaded friction units in instruments and office equipment.
Does not evaporate, does not dry out.
Viscosity 5Cst - the minimum for PMS (visually the viscosity is like that of water)
Operating temperature range -50 °C -- +200°C
Flash point Cleveland 275 … 320°C
Pour point -65°C
Density at 25°C - 0.96-0.97
Oil type - Silicone
Appearance - Crystal clear liquid.

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